New Home Maintenance in Arizona


You’ve bought the house you’ve been saving for, you have moved in, unpacked, have gotten settled in and now you need to look at what needs to be done in your house and what kind of maintenance you need to do to keep your house as nice as when you bought it. Here are some of the things that need to be done that will keep your home in tip top shape and you and your family at their happiest.

Air ducts, air conditioner, and heating system

Air ducts are important because you do not want them collecting dust and dirt and blowing that out into your home. This is important because it causes problems with allergies and sinuses as well as brings in dirt, dust and germs that can cause you to get sick. This is the air that you and your family will be breathing every day so it is important that it be as clean as possible. You also want to keep your air conditioner as efficient as you can. It also helps to keep you’re A/C lasting as long as possible and keeps your energy costs down. Another issue with dirty air ducts is a breeding ground for insects. If you notice unwanted pest in your home contact

Now this is where it gets interesting, do you want to try to do this job yourself, or do you have a significant other that always thinks they are Superman and can do anything, (and bless their heart, let’s not tell them otherwise), they make a mess and the job does not get done correctly or should we just handle it and call a professional? My recommendation would be to just call a professional and to not mention it until it is all done. It is up to you, but we both know that you want it done correctly and efficiently, so it is probably best to have a professional do it so probably want to call a certified and qualified air conditioner tech. You can call around and find out what kind of seasonal maintenance specials they offer, what all is included and how much it would cost to have it done. Make sure to have them clean out the vents; clean the air conditioner, check everything out for problems, and tweak anything that might need adjustment

3836659544_e7e446c0c7_bMake sure that they check the whole house, not just the vents, and everything that is involved in its cleaning and maintenance. Make sure that they wash off the air compressor-condensing unit coil on the air conditioner and clean the dirt, leaves, grass, and whatever else has built up on there. Have them check the evaporator to see if it needs to be cleaned and drained for it to be ready when spring comes. It is recommended that you have this done every 5 years. I would also have them check and clean your heating system to keep your heater in tip top shape and make sure it is clean. Have them check all its parts like the heating coil to make sure they are in good working order. Make sure that the filter gets changed and make a note to pick a box of those to keep in the house.